China is to blame for covid, but the bigger criminal is media and other governments.

Kina bör beskyllas för covid, men de större brottslingarna är media och andra stater

Dagens svenska video med blåbär

Today’s English video from the Swedish jungle

Myocarditis means heart inflammation

And these are just one of the vaccine problems. One in 20000 is a lot for this age group.

Compare this to that we can’t find any noticeable excess death anywhere for people under 60 years of age, except when vaccinations started in Hungary and Israel:

Death per year and age for Swedish children 0 to 11 year old - Impossible to see any covid:

What about long covid in children?

Fixing the biggest health problems is not in the interest of media or governments:

Waiting for Arizona

Maricopa County announces that they will no longer use voting machines.

Still waiting for any results: OANN at Rumble

China and the other covid criminals

Peter Navarro says that if we just have had the genetic data and information from the lab so many lives would have been saved, but the most countries' reaction showed that they were not interested in solutions. They wanted lockdowns, deaths and panic. All helpful information that was shared from Chinese doctors was ignored as hard as the narcissist parasites in media and governments could.

Blaming China is correct, but a little too convenient. It was your government, the media you are supporting and your sheepish friends that really failed the world. Instead of using the virus scare to learn about how to improve people's health, it was used to centralize power, hurt the poor, destroy freedom of speech and create fear.

Tucker and you are spied on

Expect everyone to be spied on.

Lisbon Court Rules Only 0.9% Of ‘Verified Cases’ Died Of COVID, Numbering 152, Not 17,000 As Claimed

I would take this with a huge grain of salt. People do not die of covid alone, but from having had covid plus other problems with their immune system, so it is just too hard to say what are covid deaths, and we did see spikes in hospitals for some short periods of time. But a valid argument is that other viruses would have done the work if covid didn’t exist.


The antiviral activity of iota-, kappa-, and lambda-carrageenan against COVID-19: A critical review:

Looks promising, more studies are needed. But we know that nasal sprays and mouth washes have given amazing results.

Young liberal politicians are spoiled brats with no knowledge about anything except getting attention

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