FLCCC long covid protocol. Women oppressing vaccines. Swedish croft. Not banned from Facebook?!?

FLCCC's protokoll emot lång covid. Kvinnofientliga vaccin. Ryttartorp. Koksaltvaccinering.

Dagens svenska video. Text på svenska insprängd i den engelska texten och på slutet.

Today’s English video.

It was a little too bright so I didn’t see that my photos became crap, but readable:

Så ljust att jag inte såg att fotot blev dåligt:


I am a small stockowner in Cendio that develops and sells Thinlinc which is software for remote desktops, so I was on their annual meeting today. It’s going pretty well for them, and they have done some extra deals due to covid and lost some due to covid, but generally business is doing fine now, and they expect a new record year 2021.

The covid vaccines are a sign of systematic oppression of women

Would men accept these vaccines if the ratio was reversed?!?

2,400 Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths Occurred in First Six Weeks of Program, CDC Back Loading Data

Some more thoughts about narcissism

Imagine if everyone could spot a narcissist (these people can be cured, and I'm likely one of them, but they don't want to be cured) and point the finger and say "HAHA! Narcissist!" every time. Then actual evil criminals would be spotted at once, and common people who just got trained to get narcissist traits could be cured.

A narcissist would do projection though, so what if two persons call each other narcissist?

One of them says "Why do you think that Ḯ'm a narcissist? I can be wrong, but I don't think so."

The other one says "You are so stupid that you don't get that you're the narcissist! Do you even know what it means!!! And that time 3 years ago when you talked to a Nazi!!! Hahaha!"

The problem isn't that every internet troll has the propaganda skills of Goebbels, but that every internet troll has the propaganda skills of Goebbels without even knowing it! They have just trained their brains to do what the platform’s AI promotes.

Undemocratic coup d'etat is ongoing in Sweden, but our primeval minister will fight until there is no more bullshit to say:

Jokes aside (that is a parody account, but the image of Löfven is real and epic). The Swedish prime minister is babbling about how irrisponsible and “undemokratic” it is of the Swedish parliament to think about firing him. We’ll see on Monday if anything will happen or if it was just theatre by the Leftist Party, because they can’t really agree on any other government. But if Netanyahu can be dethroned, I guess everything is possible.

Does your health care do anything with the FLCCC long covid protocol?

Tror ni SBU klarar av att göra kopiera och klistra in på detta?


Main take-aways:

  • Either because of new variants or something else, in 2021 covid patients get more sick faster than in 2020, and the allergic reaction on day 8 is worse

  • Antihistamines like promethazine work well alone or in combination with steroids.

  • Carlette (in the US) had to save her son from the hospital’s bad covid care.


Preprint of Brazilian Double-Blind Randomized Controlled Trial (n=238) of antiandrogen Proxalutamide in outpatients, with outstanding results. The final version has been provisionally accepted by Frontiers in Medicine


The censorship continues

You can find Bret Weinstein here: odysee.com/@BretWeinstein:f

I’m still not banned from Facebook

So I’ve threatened the Östergötland Region with Nuremberg for their lack of information about the covid-vaccinations, told people they must have read the vaccine data before promoting it or they are sick and truly evil, and I called the climate clowns just that… Not yet banned. Do I need to say “Lab leaked ivermectin hydroxychloroquine cures bioweapon covid does not exist widespread election fraud proven”? Or can I say what I want as long as I’m a good friend to Dictator Löfven that has Facebook’s servers…

300 people got saline water or vaccine in Scania (in South of Sweden) - No one knows. Complete incompese with the vaccinations, so no wonder vaccinated die like fles

300 måste vaccineras igen – flera fick koksalt i Lund

Inte konstigt att vaccinerade dör som flugor när de som utför vaccinationen inte har någon koll på vad de sysslar med: https://archive.is/wip/jqdlg

Något som fungerar i den svenska skolan eller har kraven sänkts?


Finns det intresse så ska jag nog försöka göra en intervju med några som kan något om skolan.