G7 clowns. Lab leak deniers crushed. Who are the racists? Twitter and media evil

G7-clowner. Labbläcka-förnekarna krossade. Rasister finns, men vilka är de? Ondska i Twitter & media

Dagens svenska video. Den svenska texten längst ner avhandlar lite andra ämnen än den engelska.

Today’s English video

G7 made it pretty clear that these people can not be ones on charge, because they are stupid beyond parody, and no one can take them serious after this debacle.

BoJo is in no position to tell the people how to behave! He lost that right with his lockdowns.

Jon Stewart explains the lab leak so that even a journalist might understand it

The big pharma CCP minion Stephen Corbert shit in his pant and did everything he could to stop Jon Stewart from explaining the lab leak.

Despite being a liberal, Jon Stewart has always been honest (and funny), in my opinion, and when he now destroys the deniers of the Wuhan Lab leak, I think it's over for the mindless narratives of the Chinese Communist Party and their libtard media. Steven Crowder did a well done set of clips with how media’s narcissist parasites called people who even thought about a lab leak were “conspiracy theorists”. No one should believe a word from that media ever again.

Twitter commits another crime against humanity

Twitter, Facebook and Youtube were just wrong about the lab leak, but now Dr Tess Lawrie is a saviour of humanity so the true enemies of humanity are fighting her until they can’t walk the streets.

Telegram has surpassed Twitter in number of users, by the way.

Streamyard might start to work with Odysee

@OdyseeHelp said: “yeah, we're working with restream and streamyard at the moment”.

I need Streamyard or that functionality to be able to interview people, so this would be great. I also need 50 LBRY tokens (lowered from 100) to be able to live broadcast from Odysee, but I should have that soon.

Tip on a good author - Follow up from yesterday

Jüri Lina as a good author as an alternative to the one I will never mention again. Jüri (Jyri) has some interesting takes on WW-II that make all sides look bad, and as an Estonian he isn't a fan of the Stalin allies or enemies either... He also would never ever suggest taking an experimental vaccine before learning about nutrition and early treatment, so I trust his writing to be less blinded by emotional thinking: jyrilina.com

For example he has discussed how Churchill and Stalin planned to split up Sweden between them with a Soviet state in the north of Sweden.

Swebbtv har gjort ett flertal intressanta intervjuer med honom:

Var fick jag förbudet för vaccinerade att ge blod ifrån? Var det Mikael Nordfors?

En kommentar (utan källa) på Twitter säger att det bara är 14 dagar efter vaccination man inte får ge blod, men vad händer om folk utan specifikt immunförsvar emot spikproteinet får vaccinerat blod senare? Verkar riskabelt för svårt skadade personer.

Julia Caesar kartlägger covid-“experter”

Påminnelse om vad “expert” betyder:

"expert" = "en komplett idiot som har specialiserat sig på att ha fel om ett specifikt ämne i media"

Julia Caesar skriver: Bara ett litet fåtal personer, ofta med starka kopplingar till läkemedelsindustrin, tillåts komma till tals i media och ge en totalt ensidig information till svenska folket om Covid-19 och så kallade ”vacciner”.

Streamyard kanske börjar fungera med Odysee

@OdyseeHelp skrev att de har börjat jobba med Streamyard för att få live-sändningar att fungera med det. Jag behöver funktionaliteten ifrån Streamyard för att kunna intervjua folk, så jag behöver detta för att kunna lämna människofientliga Facebook. Jag behöver också 50 LBRY-token (sänkt ifrån 100), men det bör jag få snart.

Ikväll blir det dock live på Facebook kl 20:00 (I ungefär en halvtimme) där jag sammanfattar hälso-, medicin- och vaccin-veckan.