Pine needle tea & suramin. Dog's toddler hunt. Wikipedia=fascism. Wonderful propaganda bicicleta

Tallbarrste & suramin. Bäbisjakt. Wikipedia är fascism. Ebbas underbara propaganda-bicicleta

Dagens svenska video med bäbisjagande hund

Today’s English video talking about the previous tottler hunt

Today’s hare hunt

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This pine needle tea wasn’t as strong as the previous ones I made and it’s easy to gobble:

The return of pine needle tea and suramin

Suramin can be found in pine needles. Firstly the previously posted links

This is some chemical comparing of suramin with useless remdesivir, and it’s impossible to figure out anything about pine needle tea and dosage: "Suramin shows promise as COVID-19 treatment | News-Medical"

When the abstract starts with “The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic that originated from Wuhan, China, in December 2019 has impacted public health, society and economy and the daily lives of billions of people in an unprecedented manner.“, then you know these authors can’t write. Yes, we know suramin and billion other stuff stop viruses, but if you can’t give us the useful information, and instead start by babbling about what everyone knows… It’s an in vitro study confirming things, but what about human dosage?

And the same story here, even if the combo is interesting: "The Repurposed Drugs Suramin and Quinacrine Cooperatively Inhibit SARS-CoV-2 3CL pro In Vitro - PubMed"

New suramin stuff: has some interesting links, like this one: “Moreover, the antioxidant activity of the pine needle hot water extract was similar to well-known antioxidants, such as vitamin C. This suggests that pine needle proanthocyanidins and catechins might be of interest for use as alternative antioxidants.” This explains why pine needle tea protects against scurvy despite that you get minimal amount of vitamin C from it. Just try to make some pine needle tea and drink it, and you feel how potent it is, and just a little is enough, at least if you make it as strong as I did…

Geert Vanden Bossche was too right? As predicted the Epsilon variant is here, and soon a variant might use the vaccinateds’ anti-bodies as a can-opener to break up their immune system:

'Wikipedia Is More One-Sided Than Ever'

Writes Disaffected Co-Founder Larry Sanger on ZeroHedge

Wikipedia has increasingly became a propaganda tool, and every honest climate scientist, researchers not agreeing with CDC, or Dr VA Shiva get slandered without any trace of the other side of the story. That is deceptive evil propaganda, and even though Wikipedia is very useful, it’s an enemy to humanity now. I would recommend (Note the annoying I instead of Y!) that lets both sides of issues give their versions without repressing or misrepresent only one side, and the Wikipedia information is also there. Unfortunately Everipedia is seldom found in searches due to the idea “But that is just copied from Wikipedia” - Well, the entire idea behind Wikipedia is that you should be able to just copy everything from there and build something even better that can be copied back to Wikipedia - But Wikipedia stops that with censorship.

Narcissist tread on Twitter


Magnesium is very important for your body, and one of the most common minerals to be deficient in, which can lead to problems with vitamin D and much more. Lack of knowledge about it might also make you not get this pun that is bad a capitalisation or is it microgram…

Singapore has almost had enough

Singapore is sort of thinking about like being like DeSantis, but not really, but at least do not count stuff, and then we can make up the numbers we need?

But has Australia heard about Canada? When countries have too much land with too few people, it needs to lock people up! That is how Soviet Union built Siberia, so why not?

But these are pretty useless numbers. Just numbers! How badly hurt were people in different age groups, and how much usual problems would these people have without the vaccination? So big Fail on that data.

Carl Bildt and Big Pharma

Swamp leech, former prime minister and foreign minister of Sweden Carl Bildt attending a virtual conspiracy meeting:

Reported by Harry the Greek:

George Webb seems excited, but I doubt these well trained narcissist robots can accomplish much. Carl Bildt is smart, but he always comes running like a good little dog when there is a problem to prolong, and corruption money to be had. He’s basically an annoying little barking dog running around the official narrative trying to protect it from any truth. Here he is with his personal good friend Zarif, the foreign minister of Iran, talking about Orange Man Bad:

From left to right: Map of Bali = Hanif Bali (a fellow member of the same “right wing” party M) that really doesn’t like Bildt, a Hamas logo, Assange that Bildt hates, Iran that he loves, and in 2005 he talked to the Russian mafia boss Oleg Derispaska in Davos, the red blob is the logo of the Swedish Social Democrat Party.

Propaganda bicicleta - Copy a leftist’s speech and use it against them:

Swedish Christian Democrat Ebba Busch had copied Kamala Harris’ speech’s rhetoric frame

Even if you don’t care about this football match, one has to admire the technique:

My prediction was that the opposition to Ebba would just ignore this strong part of the speech, but they sure as hell can’t stop themselves from blaming Ebba for copying Kamala’s speech. Kamala talked about sick care, while Ebba talked about draconian taxation of the middle class. Kamala’s rhetoric didn’t fit my world view at all (I think most Republicans want healthcare for all but not at any cost, and in any way: Not providing a free service to someone isn’t “coming for them”), while Ebba is completely right that the left is out to get every penny they can from the middle class because they aren’t able to take anything from the rich.

So what Ebba’s speech writer managed to do is to get the most powerful part of her speech out to the followers of her enemies. Exactly what seemed impossible to do, because they would never listen to her speech otherwise.

Även om man inte bryr sig i hur fotbollsmatchen slutar, så kan man imponeras av tekniken ändå:

Ebba Busch eller hennes talskrivare var smartare än jag trodde: Upplägget i talet var direkt taget ifrån Kamala Harris (Som i sin tur snott det också? Det bygger på samma princip som “First they came for the socialists…” , men är lite spegelvänt). Nu luras hennes fiender att sprida talet till sina följare! 😂

Odysee: Då är det dig dom är ute efter

Odysee: Jämför med Kamala Harris tal

Japp, alla Aftonbladet-läsande sossar som aldrig fått höra vad Ebba sagt om hon inte kopierat upplägget, kommer nu att få höra det! Narcissistisk media är så förutsägbar och lättmanipulerad:

Hela talet:

Men ni är mer intresserade av slutresultatet än tekniken i spelet? Nej, det är ni inte, för det är bara trams:

Lite vaccin-data

Den korta fina URLen argumenterar för att folk över 70 har nytta av vaccinen (-66% på IVA). Det finns ingen bra data för yngre människor eftersom det är så få av dem, vaccinerade eller inte, som fått allvarlig covid sedan vaccinationerna börjat, och riktigt få är vaccinerade. Däremot massor med vaccinbiverkningar på speciellt yngre kvinnor.

Jämför med D-vitamin, zink, stabilisera blodsockret, samt snabbt behandla näsinflammation och ont i halsen med nässprej och munskölj, så blir virusinfektionen, cancern och en massa annat bättre. Och FLCCC har sitt protokoll emot lång covid.

Ungefär 3 promilles risk att drabbas av avsevärda biverkningar av alla covid-vaccin enligt Läkemedelsverkets statistik som säkerligen bara är toppen på isberget, men också innehåller dem som blivit sjuka efter vaccinet av orelaterade orsaker. Någon bra statistik på hur sjuka folk blir veckan efter vaccination jämfört med annars har vi inte, även om jätteundersökningen i Skåne visade att risken att insjukna i just covid ökade med ungefär 40% då, men inte ens denna undersökning med över nära en miljon människor var statistiskt signifikant - Det är för få som fick covid under denna tid för att man ska kunna mäta bra. Data ifrån Israel visade på att unga människor blir mycket mindre sjuka veckan efter vaccination - Troligen för man inte vaccinerar sjuka. Men vi måste kräva bättre data med jämförelser med ovaxxade i samma grupp och tid!