Would you trust a vaxx-fanatic's book? Bad & good media. Big pharma paid Trump. Duterte & ivermectin

Tror du på en vaxx-fanatikers bok? Bra & dålig media. Big pharma köpte Trump. Duterte & ivermektin

Dagens svenska video med lite tips till hundar mm!

Today’s English video with tips for dogs, and more mosquitoes.

Update: Odysee is working fine now! If you care about who the vaxx propaganda author is, you have to follow my Twitter as I have no interest in spreading his name anymore.

A t-shirt with “Covid is over” arrived at a follower

And in English: https://teespring.com/HenrikWallin?pid=389

Media lying about the PULSE shooting

The despicable parasites in media lie and misinform about covid, racial issues, corruption, the climate and of bloody course about an attack on a gay bar too:

Glenn Greenwald explains that the shooter Omar Mateen was motivated by rage over President Obama's bombing campaigns in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

“They won’t be able to walk down the streets anymore”

BBC’s and Pfizer’s mouthpiece Nicholas Watt has to give up being close to those whom he is lying to.

Spike up that protein!

Severe side effects (like death) from the covid vaccinations are getting more common in Norway

Earlier reports on side effects in Norway weren’t as bad:

GB news is doing great on launch in UK

The self-described right-leaning and anti-woke British news channel GB News netted more viewers than main competitors Sky News and BBC News on its launch, having ratings of almost triple that of Sky: breitbart.com/europe/2021/06/14/gb-news-tops-ratings-launch-beating-bbc-triple-viewers-sky-news/

We’ll see if they can live up to their own hype.

Dr. SHIVA: How Trump & Biden Got MILLION$ from Big Pharma.

At about 28 minutes in, Dr Shiva looks at some numbers that not only shows that Joe Biden got paid from big pharma, but that Trump also took some millions of dollars. Why take anything from these organizations? Too fool them so that they would not do the same to Trump as to Magufuli? It’s clear that we can’t trust Trump regardless if it’s his fault or not though.

Ivermectin trials on the way in Canada and Philippines

A Q&A with Dr. Edward Mills, the principal investigator in the TOGETHER Trial, a Canada-led clinical trial evaluating the role of Ivermectin and other repurposed drugs: halifaxexaminer.ca/featured/whats-the-deal-with-ivermectin-and-covid/ I wouldn’t trust anyone getting funding from Bill Gates, and “HCQ doesn’t work!” is just not true, but it is also clear that zinc, other ionophores and antivirals might work better or as good. But hopefully we’ll get something good from this trail anyway.

Philippines' President Duterte doesn't take any weaseling: "if there is no funding, just fund it, so that, once and for all, we can resolve the issue of this ivermectin,"