How to humbug, and is it worse than celebs? Is delta as fake as radioactivity? New takes on stuff

Gammal kunskap att styra media. Är delta-varianten lika ofarlig som radioaktivitet? Nya synvinklar

Dagens svenska kamp emot snårskogen - Men oj så mycket smultron jag hittade när jag försökte ta mig ur den! Bra belöning! 😋 Bara några svenska Tweets idag.

Today’s battle against the mosquitoes in English

Big tech is an enemy of humanity

We’re soon at the point that anyone who is using big tech for something else than telling people to not use it will be considered an enemy too, because we must not take this abuse.

I reported before about how LinkedIn rapes science and public health:

How to inject AstraZeneca

Adenovirus vaccines (AstraZeneca/J&J) are dangerous if they are getting administrated in the blood instead of into a muscle:

"Hence, safe intramuscular injection, with aspiration prior to injection, could be a potential preventive measure when administering adenovirus-based vaccines.". The mRNA vaccines might have similar and other problems.

If the vaxxers even remotely care about helping people, they should learn from this. But 99% of them have no knowledge in doing nor reading scientific studies. This should be EASY and FUN to fix. Just give health care workers at least 1 work day per month to do a study on how they can improve what they are doing, or something of their interest. And then some help from someone to set up the study correctly.

Watching tips

Galen Winson and the nuclear scare scam


Galen Winsor worked for the nuclear industry since the 1950ths, and he doesn't say that radiation is harmless, but that it's way less harmful than governments say when it comes to cancer. That makes sense because cancer cells are generally more hurt by radiation than normal cells, and cells getting damaged by radiation simply die.

I can not confirm that he died at 82 years of age in Parkinson's 19 July 2008 but those reports seem more credible than the ones that say leukaemia (written by obvious liars). We know from former Soviet Union defectors that they just like the corrupt US government wanted to keep the nuclear fear going to weaken the west. There is also some conflicting facts surrounding Marie Curie who died of aplastic anemia, but many people not exposed to radiation got that too.

And if anyone thinks that a governmental agency wouldn't be totally corrupt, and that an industry wouldn't use that to gain a monopoly. Well, go and watch grass grow and try to disprove that first! Also notice how the narcissist always blame others for what they are guilty of: Galen Winsor is blamed for promoting nuclear power on behalf of the nuclear industry, while he is accusing the nuclear industry! That only makes sense for a narcissist robot and people who are blind to these traits.

Galen Winsor's story makes sense in all details, and he clearly knows what he is talking about even if there might be something he got wrong. Also note the recent push for small nuclear reactors - Something that could have been done for at least half a century.

Sweden has stockpiled this “nuclear waste” that is worth a fortune for decades, and the real question is: Is it still there or stolen?

Cancer is caused by bad food, lack of nutritions (including some poisons), and too much sugar. Viruses and many substances can also be statically tied to cancer. I will not agree or disagree on if radiation cause cancer.

I was in Chernobyl in 2008 and there is still some dead forest where nothing can grow, but there are also very radioactive mice that are doing fine. They just adapted. The swallows seem to have a problem, but that might be due to moving out and in from area, and they are stressed with lack of antioxidants due to the flight from Africa, and maybe the forbidden zone is just such a great place to be for competition to swallows, that they can’t compete? People working in the zone had huge health issues especially with their hearts, but I didn’t see many of them going without a cigarette for many minutes… There have since almost the start been scientists living in the zone and they grow crops, but measure how bad the radiation is, just like Galen, and the right crops don’t get too much radioactive material.

The Delta Variant

Chris Martenson’s take, and he agrees with me that fully vaccinated people who got covid in the UK die as much as unvaccinated does not mean that this mean that the vaccines do not work, but that they fully vaccinated is a much more frail group.

Ivor Cummins about the Delta scare with focus on Ireland:

"Panic Porn Dressed Up As Science" - Exposing The Truth About The Delta Variant

Barnum, the prince of humbug

This is the guy who bought a monkey sewn to a fish, and sold out making people watch a mermaid, and the king of freak shows. The interesting part is that people didn’t seem to care, and he constantly triggered the media to write about him, so these are some skills I really need to acquire - Does anyone have a mermaid for rent?

But compare Barnum with modern celebs that are selling their souls to big pharma and the official narrative!

Some out-of-the-box thinking about the Swedish government sandbox fight

Centerpartiet in Sweden is basically a Swedish version of The Lincoln Project. They turned down the offer to get anything they have wanted for 100 years was turned, because Sweden Democrats (Orange Man) bad. So now people continue to flee that party, but they might get more voters from other failing parties. Nothing happens fast in Sweden, until it does.

But even if you’re a narcissist piece of shit, you don’t want to work with people like you: