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Re: Myanmar. I live in Cambodia and visited Myanmar several times about 2 decades ago when Tourism was the ultimate source of 'new income". At that time China was about to build a huge dam at the source of the Irrawaddy River which was opposed by the local population and to my surprise was suspended much to the dismay of China. Anyway China kept a pretty open border which fueled a lot of the Drug Trafficking. This changed recently when the conflict in Myanmal got dangerously close to spill over to China ... and frequently to Thailand which also profited in the drug trafficking a long time. The country now is pretty much sealed off and news (independent and verified) are difficult to obtain. My favorite source is Brian Berletic's New atlas Thread on Youtube. He is a former US Marine and a great analyst living in neighboring Thailand. He is all the way pro Russia, China and against western lies in general. Here is his latest on Myanmar:

Myanmar Continues Fight Against Washington's Other Proxy War


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Yes, I know about Berletic, but I seldom watch him now and will not recommend him because he blocked me on X. I can get the same information elsewhere, so I see no reason to support unsupportive people.

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